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Florida Medicare

If you are a Florida resident and are looking for information concerning the various Medicare programs in Florida or if you want help choosing a Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan that would suit your medical needs—you’re in the right place.

Find information about various Florida Medicare and Florida Medicare assistance programs available.

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Florida Medicare Facts

More than 44 million of the United States population is enrolled in some kind of Medicare program. About 20 percent of the individuals enrolled are recipients of a Medicare Advantage plan, which administers Medicare benefits through private insurance companies. Additionally, about a quarter of all Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled for Medicare Part D that provides extra prescription drug coverage.

Here are some recent Florida Medicare statistics:

  • More than 3,180,000 residents have Medicare benefits (17 percent of Florida’s total population)
  • Over 919,000 are enrolled in a Florida Medicare Advantage plan
  • Over 3,220,000 individuals have Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage
  • More than $25,00 is spent per total Florida Medicare enrolled residence
  • More than $8,000 is spent per Florida Medicare enrollee

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Florida Medicare Assistance Programs

Florida also has various Medicare Assistance programs to help cover health care costs if enrollees cannot afford them. Florida’s state Medicaid program helps low-income Medicare beneficiaries cover the various out of pocket expenses such as co payments and premiums.

Florida also offers the SHINE or Serving the Insurance Needs of the Elderly program, the state’s SHIP program. This program offers various insurance counseling services to those who need help with their Medicare plans. Florida also offers various prescription drug plans in addition to the Medicare drug plan, which can help with the increasing cost of medications.

Florida Medicare Contact Information

For information about Florida Medicare plans or Medicare assistance plans, contact any one of the following resources:

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
7500 Security Boulevard,
Baltimore MD 21244-1850
Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders (SHINE)
Florida Dept. of Elder Affairs
ACCESS Call Center
Florida DHS


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