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Medicare Savings

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Expand your dental, hearing and vision coverage to save on things like dental work (crowns, implants, dentures), hearing aids & eyeglasses.

Save On Health Expenses

Our team helps you find ways to limit what you need to pay for prescription drugs, co-pays, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Get Up To $164* Back

Many don't know that there are Medicare Savings Programs and plans that help reimburse your Part B premium.

*Certain beneficiaries may qualify for help paying their Part B Premium ($164.90 as of 2023) as part of each State's Medicaid/or Medical Assistance Program. GoHealth assists beneficiaries with applications and initial eligibility screening, but only the relevant state agency may determine eligibility. Provision of financial information to GoHealth is optional and does not affect enrollment eligibility. Residents of certain regions may also qualify for a Part B Buyback Plan covering up to $164.90 of the Part B Premium (as of 2023). The Part B Premium give-back is not available with all plans. Availability varies by carrier and location. Actual Part B premium reduction could be lower. Deductibles, copays, and coinsurance may apply.

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Part A covers hospital care. Part B covers medical care.